ma|jor|i|ty [məˈdʒɔrıti US məˈdʒo:-, məˈdʒa:-] n plural majorities
1¦(most people or things)¦
2¦(most votes)¦
3 majority vote/decision/verdict etc
4 majority stake/shareholding etc
5¦(becoming an adult)¦
[Date: 1500-1600; : French; Origin: majorité, from Latin major; MAJOR1]
1.) ¦(MOST PEOPLE OR THINGS)¦ [singular also + plural verb British English]
most of the people or things in a group
≠ ↑minority majority of
The majority of students find it quite hard to live on the amount of money they get.
great/vast/overwhelming majority of sth
(=almost all of a group)
In the vast majority of cases the disease is fatal.
be in the majority
(=form the largest group)
In this city, Muslims are in the majority.
2.) ¦(MOST VOTES)¦
if one person or group wins a majority in an election, they win more votes than other people or groups
majority of 50/100 etc
He won by a majority of 500.
The Labour Party won a huge majority at the last general election.
clear/overall/absolute majority
(=a situation in which one party wins more votes in an election than all the other parties)
The party won an absolute majority in Portugal in 1987.
small/narrow majority
The government gained only a narrow majority, with 151 votes against 144.
Labour/Conservative etc majority
The Labour majority was reduced to just 15 seats at the last election.
3.) majority vote/decision/verdict etc
a vote or decision in which more people vote for something than vote against it
The committee usually takes decisions by majority vote.
The jury found him guilty by a majority verdict.
4.) majority stake/shareholding etc
when one person or group owns a bigger share of a company than other people or groups and so is able to control what happens to the company
Alex Golding held a majority shareholding in Golding plc.
BrE law the age when someone legally becomes an adult
≠ ↑minority
reach majority/the age of majority
He became a partner in the family firm on reaching his majority.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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